Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday

I hope everyone had a love and fun-filled Easter. I did my annual Easter baskets with the little ones in the family. I look forward to it just as much as they do. It's one of the ways I get to still be a kid.

Of course we ate good at Madear's as usual. But instead of sitting stuffed in front of the tv watching movies, we hooked up the Wii and the fun began!

We bowled, played tennis and boxed until about 1 am. The beauty of Wii is everyone in the family can play. My little cousin Jya put all of the adults to shame with her bowling skills and GrannyBaby was a force to be reckoned with on the target range.

By the time we called it a night, everyone was exhausted and trying to figure out how to work a Wii into the budget.

It was one of the best holidays we have spent together in years and we also got to work off some of the calories from the cake.

Love you fam!!