Monday, April 26, 2010

Vitamin D

I met w/my neurologist's nurse practitioner this morning. Just a routine, how you doin', kind of appointment. I explained to her that I was still experiencing heavy legs, leg spasms, balance issues, the need to sleep for days, blurred vision and HELLACHES. Got new prescriptions but no new info, just keep doing what I'm doing.

I picked up a copy of Neurology Now in the waiting room and there was an article about MSers and Bone Loss. It talked about how we are usually deficient in Vitamin D. I had heard this before and started taking Vitamin D supplements last year.

I find it ironic that when I was younger I would seek out the sun. While my friends were trying to find shade, I was posting up in the sunniest spot I could find. Telling them that I was like a plant, I had to have sunlight!

Now the only times I don't have the achy, flu like symptoms after my Rebif injections is when I'm somewhere tropical and have been lounging in the sun.

You know they say, be careful what you speak into the universe.


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  2. Check out the WEB MD article "Low Vitamin D Levels May Be Linked to MS". The article talks about a study that shows African-Americans with multiple sclerosis (MS) may be more likely to have low vitamin D levels than African-Americans without the disease.